Standard Custom

Tap Handles


Our simple pricing structure allows you to get everything you want without any pricing games. Just select your shape and quantity and that's your price. Easy peasy!

10: $37.75/ea
25: $29.00/ea
50: $26.00/ea

75: $25.00/ea
100: $23.50/ea
200: $22.75/ea

Need more than 200? Ask about our tap handle subscription program.



You can add a topper to any of our standard tap handles! Throw one of these puppies on top and get a more unique handle with more branding area and still be at a lower cost less than a fully custom handle. We have a standard 2.5" circle topper or create a custom shape that is totally unique to your handle. Inquire for pricing.

Style Decals

Want to highlight that badass art from your flagship packaging or have a clean way of differentiating your styles? We can design and produce your custom shaped style decals to match suit your brand. High quality vinyl with removable adhesive makes for durable and vibrant decals. Short runs available at reasonable costs.


Want to easily write and erase your rotating styles and flavors? Try our adhesive chalkboard areas! If the chalkboard gets too messy, just peel it off and replace it with a new one. Fresh as a daisy!

15 Great Shapes to Choose From

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Don’t know what you want?  Do you want an option that we don't have listed?  Feel free to get creative!  I'm sure we can make something happen for you. 
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