Custom Products

We make other custom products besides tap handles. Can you believe it? We can set you up with any of these products on your timeline. We have the same standards for these products as we do for our tap handles, so you won’t be let down. If you’re looking for something a little more custom, just fill out our contact form and we'd be happy to help you. Looking for something more fun? Visit our store!

Taster Trays

Single handed
Taster Tray

A slick looking 4 glass taster tray made from maple. An added hole in the handle means it can hang from a hook for storage. The optional chalkboard strip makes it easy to write on.
Material: FSC Certified Hard Maple
Length: 17"
Width: 4"
Fits Glasses: 2.125" and smaller

Double handed
taster tray

Too many options to choose from? This 6 glass taster tray will make your customers two drinks happier!  It's easy to grip and carry with handles on both ends.
Material: FSC Certified Hard Maple
Length: 15.5"
Width: 6.3"
Fits Glasses: 2.125" and smaller

and there's more!

Barrel Signs

We break apart old wine and beer barrels and use the staves for tap handles. What to do with the lids though? Make epic signs of course!
Diameter:  22"
Decoration: Full color printed 
and cut vinyl graphics

Jockey Box Wraps

Stand out at festivals, farmers markets, and other events with this high-end, steel belted, and insulated jockey box. We'll wrap it with your custom graphics so you can be the belle of the beer ball.

Keg Collars

Make sure you're complying with those pesky laws and keep your kegs on a collar! We offer a range of generic and custom collars.  
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