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Stock  Handles

Need tap handles quick?  Don't want to spend a fortune for a low quantity order of fully custom tap handles?  Our stock tap handles are made from the same high quality, sustainable materials, and careful crafting as our custom handles.  Oh, and we'll get them to you FAST!   We stand behind the quality of our handles, so if something goes wrong, we'll find a way to make it right.

Sample Pricing

*Sample pricing is for handles painted white, or left natural maple wood color and digitally printed on 2 faces

Price Per Handle

*Additional fees may apply for black, specialty, or multiple colors/stains, laser engraving, printing on more than 2 faces, decals/stickers,  or other additions.

Other Ideas?  Do you want an option that we don't have listed?   Feel free to get creative!  I'm sure we can make something happen for you.  We'd be happy to work up a concept as a semi-stock run.  

Ready to order?  The process is easy.
1) Pick a stock handle shape from our selection below.  
2) Send us your logo (AI/EPS/PDF preferred) and anything else you would like printed on the handle.    We'll send you a 3D rendering for approval.
3)  Select any options you would like  such as  paint colors, stains, decals, or laser engraving.  
4) Pay, and then chill out with a beer while we  crank out your handles.  
Stock Tap Handle Shapes

The Tyler

Also known as "the ice cream cone". The Tyler is an excellent handle for round logos or for a cool down on a hot day

Height:  10.5"

Max Width: 2.75"

Thickness:  1.0625"

The Johnny

The Johnny's straight edges offer a nice clean look and the curved top accommodates oval and round logos nicely.  You would never guess it's an F-B-I Agent.

Height:  10.5"

Max Width: 2.75"

Thickness:  0.8"

The Harp

Hard work and crunching data.  That's how the Harp came to be.  This is a great option if you want to highlight some artwork.  

Height:  9" (with chrome ferrule)

Max Width: 2"

Thickness:  0.8"

The Iceman

You can be my wingman antime if you're looking for a 4 sided handle that gives you the best visibility angles of all our handles.

Height:  9" 

Max Width: 1.5"

Thickness:  1.5"

The Warchild

This tap handle only lives to get radical.    By far our most edgy design.   If you don't want to be just another tap handle, this is a good start.

Height:  11"

Max Width: 2.5"

Thickness:  0.8"

The Rosie

We are serious about sustainability.  These handles come from reclaimed oak and whiskey barrels.    Don't count on them all being identical, that's the whole point.  A great rustic look; and that metal? Cut from the bands that hold the barrel together.

Height:  9.25"

Max Width: 2.25"

Thickness:  1"

The Neo

There is no spoon!  Similar to the Tyler, this handle has that nice and popular round top, but has a straighter base to allow for more artwork space for style branding.

Height:  11"

Max Width: 2.5"

Thickness:  1.0625"

The Bunker

3 Sides, no waiting.  See it from any angle, paint it with any color, pour it with ease.  

Height:  9.25"

Max Width: 1.875"

Thickness:  1.75"

The Deets

The Johnny has a little brother! This undercover handle can sneak on in to any situation at 5.5".

Height:  5.5"

Max Width: 2"

Thickness:  0.8"

Ready to place an order?  Have questions?  Drop us a line or give us a call at 503-389-5853.  If you are sending art files, please send to info@hoptownhandles.com