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Tap Handles For Good.

Our Promises

  • Fast, Friendly, and Honest Service.   

  • Simple competitive pricing with no huge setup/design/sample fees.

  • Durable Tap Handles that stand the test of time.

  • 100% Made in the USA.  

Sustainability Commitment 

Our goal is to give back to the environment that has provided us with the materials to make your tap handles.  We are committed to giving 1% of our sales to organizations that will help preserve our planet for generations to come. We currently donate to, and encourage you to donate your time or make a donation to:

  • Portland Chapter of the Surfrider Foundation:   Ensures clean water, healthy oceans and coastlines and accessible beaches for all to enjoy by finding lasting solutions to the threats our ocean faces.

  • The National Forest Foundation (NFF):  In support of their tree planting program.  Every dollar we donate to the NFF will plant a tree in our National Forests.



Tap Handle Work Samples


What Sets Our Tap Handles Apart 


We Provide Creative and Innovative Ways to Order, Produce, and  Pay For  Your Tap Handles

Custom Tap Handles Made in the United States
Fast, Friendly, Flexible, and HONEST Service
Strongest Tap Handles Around
No Setup Fees 
Low Up-Front Costs
Tap Handle Subscription Program
Sustainablility and Waste Reduction

Recent Projects

Sustainability Policy

Hoptown Handles is committed to continuous improvement in procuring environmentally preferable products, promoting sustainable practices, managing energy consumption and considering sustainability in all activities in an effort to:

  1. Conserve natural resources

  2. Minimize pollution

  3. Reduce water and energy use

  4. Avoid environmental health hazards at our facility and within our community

  5. Divert material from the landfill

  6. Improve the availability and use of environmentally preferable product

  7. Encourage Suppliers to reduce their environmental impact and to send that message up their supply chain

  8. Support locally produced goods and services

  9. Educate and inform ourselves, requestors and end users, and suppliers of the best environmentally responsible purchasing choices

What is "Hoptown"?


How Long Does The Process Take?
I'm in a hurry.  Will you rush my order?
I received my order and one of my handles has a defect.  What do I do? 
What does FAQ stand for?  
I don't have artwork ready, will you create the artwork for me?


Hoptown Handles was started in 2015, and like so many craft breweries, it was started by homebrewing in a garage.  Hoptown's founder, Ben Weston,  a San Diego native, former attorney (don't hold it against us), and teacher  was introduced to homebrewing shortly after moving to Portland, Oregon.  And while the homebrewing was fun, customizing the homemade kegerator was what gave him the most enjoyment.  He hated the way the stubby little black handles looked and he wanted something custom that reflected his personality.


After some tinkering and waaaaay too many Star Wars books, a Star Wars themed kegerator complete with lightsaber tap handles was born (Stouts are always on the dark side...)  Shout out to  Fuggles and Warlock Craftworks in Vancouver, BC for letting us make some lightsaber tap handles for their epic brewery.  Ben loved the art and craftsmanship that went into building custom tap handles and after years of honing his craft, he decided to take a leap and create some of those handles he had admired so many years before.  A big thank you to Feckin Brewing in Oregon City for taking a chance on a new company.  


Michael Inbody, a woodworking expert, joined the team in 2016 and has made dramatic improvements to the quality of our tap handles along with significant production efficiency improvements that allow us to fulfill high quantity orders in a very timely manner.  We now work with breweries throughout the world  to make custom tap handles that  reflect the creativity and time that goes into your passion. Keep your eyes peeled!



Copper State Brewing Co.

Green Bay, WI

"Thanks again for your awesome service. You’ve been great to work with. Looking forward to our continued work together. "

Cross Culture Kombucha

Westport, CT

"Hoptown Handles  produces the highest quality most reasonably priced tap handles available on the market today! Not to mention outstanding customer service. Cheers to that!"

Snow Peak Brewing

Stayton, OR

"Made in America with only the best service, amazing prices and even better quality!! We highly recommend Hoptown Handles!! Thanks for all your hard work!"

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Just a few of our awesome clients